Our youth leaders attend the Boy Scouts of America's National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) to equip them with the leadership skills and attitude to lead a fun program that appeals to scouting age boys. All scouts in positions of responsibility in Troop 103 are trained for their position by the troop leadership.

Before every program year the troop gathers together for an all night meeting where the the youth leadership leads the troop in deciding what activities Troop 103 will be doing that year, getting input from the membership to make determinations on which activities most appeal to the troop.  After each monthly camping event the Senior Patrol Leader holds a Patrol Leader's Council to review the most recent outing and plan the details of the upcoming month's meetings, making adjustments from the annual program plan as needed. the boys Scouting is a game - to you, a game with a purpose: Character building and Citizenship training.
— William 'Green Bar' Hillcourt, Ten Essentials of Scoutmastership, Scoutmaster's Handbook